Restaurant Management – Advice for Buying Restaurant Equipment


Nothing is more frustrating within the operation of a restaurant when compared to a piece of gear that breaks down. Without a doubt, equipment only falters in the course of your rush on Friday night; just before the weekend when fixes are an effort to arrange. Apart from the operational and client service issues, time taken focusing on equipment, securing repairs and dealing with parts and repair can waste a lot of hours that would be spent within the more productive way.
After three restaurants, many years and several mistakes, here are a few equipment buying tips to save you hundreds of dollars and many hours of staff labor along with your sanity.

Do I buy new or used equipment? The answer is both. There’s decisions in order to make before you commence looking. Ask yourself these questions.

How critical is the exercise equipment to my operation? In other words, a second microwave for warming may not be as important as your steamer inside a seafood operation. Should your steamer travels down, your line may go inside the weeds and customer ticket times double.How fast could i need the equipment?How can i optimize my purchase dollars? For instance, if you need a whole new flat top griddle, should I include a cheese melter that’s optional with most models being a backup to my salamander? If I am investing in a convection oven, should I purchase a combination convection/steamer or if you already have one of the many new turbo quick cook ovens. If I upgrade a model or combination, could it add flexibility to my menu?What’s going to my budget allow? Will the investment offer possibilities to produce new sales?

When you are cash rich and quick delivery is important, new equipment will be the best option. However, when you are like the majority of restaurant operations if penny is scrutinized, then used equipment may be a more sensible option. Used equipment takes practice to buy without worrying about buying someone else’s problems. If you are going to buy used, follow these tips;

Most important – know who s going to service the equipment whether it needs work prior to buying. In the event that you have a daily service technician, call them for advice.If at all possible, arrange a guaranty having the seller for a period of time.Never, regardless how good the cut price is, buy restaurant equipment in the internet except if you learn about the shipping and setup costs. Only buy made from a seller over the internet that accepts cards. Credit card banks give you a a few of protection from fraudulent offers.Remember when replacing equipment there are plenty of technical issues. In particular, 220 volt electrical connections could possibly have different phases. Most gas appliances also need electric for motors and electronics. Amperage varies with most electric appliances. One toaster may draw 15 amps and another may draw 20 amps that will actually overload the circuit and cost an electrician to install a new circuit (whenever possible).

Buying new equipment is a lesser amount of a raffle than used, even so you pay handsomely regarding the luxury regarding a long-term warranty along with a more reliable device. The most significant problem new equipment will still be service. Are you aware of what happens when it does digest? It’s fine to tend to have a long-lasting warranty, but if service will have to originate from other area which could take days or perhaps weeks, stop buying. One $5800 nightmare we had was obviously a great convection oven we bought new and it also lasted with heavy usage for five years. In moments when we needed a component with it, no body stocked the role. The element had to originate from Germany therefore we needed to find someone to work on it. Following a few weeks of haggling, we had to buy a brand new piece of gear because of the disruption of customer service.
Arguably, if all conditions were perfect and you need the amount of money reserves, new equipment is a great way to stop headaches someday – not less than for your living of the machine. There are a few good used equipment buys available occasionally. Just one of these is the many chain restaurants that close and open with regularity. You’ll discover some exceptional bargains if you’re able to choose the wholesale buyers of chain restaurant equipment. Some wholesalers have warehouses filled with relatively new equipment.
Remember, don’t focus just on the exercise equipment regarding the apple or best buy. Consider the impact of operating without having the exercise equipment when it fails. Hospitality commences with meeting the customer’s expectations. Never let faulty equipment ruin your chances.

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